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The Overnight

The Overnight

Horror | English | 90 minutes


OneTwoThree Media

Cast & Crew


Bobby Francavillo, Kevin Rhoades


Bobby Francavillo, Mel Hagopian


Richard Harlost


Zebadee Row, Brittany Clark, Rajeev Varma, James Lorinz



A portrait of love, obsession, and the evil within us all,
What starts off as an innocent vacation quickly turns into a cat and mouse chase, resulting in David and Jessie spending a night in the many twists, turns, and secrets of Monroe Manor.
Monroe Manor is a once magnificent structure filled with lost souls, but what lies beneath its floors is terrifying.
Eugene Monroe has many secrets, and manipulates his followers Salim and Father Betancourt to release him from his many years of battling the demon that lurks within the halls of his childhood home. What drives them all to continue this saga of continual nightmares, death-loops and grief?
The Overnight lures the viewer in, building suspense and horror until the final revelation of what is real and what is not, and who will ultimately escape.

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