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The Peacock

The Peacock

Comedy | English, German | 106 minutes


Picture Tree International GmbH

Cast & Crew


Lutz Heineking Jr.


Marco Gilles, Bastie Griese, Jens Wolf


Christoph Mathieu, Sönke Andresen, Lutz Heineking Jr.


Tom Schilling, David Kross, Lavinia Wilson, Svenja Jung, Jürgen Vogel


When investment banker Linda Bachmann and her team arrive at the country estate of Lord and Lady McIntosh for a team building seminar, the prospects for having a relaxing weekend in Scotland are not good: the annual balance sheet is lousy, the team is keeping a suspicious eye on each other and their boss, and there are rumours that a compliance officer will soon be restructuring the department. To make matters worse, the estate is not very comfortable, even the skilled cook Helen can‘t hide that fact, and the methods of young seminar leader, Rebecca, also seem rather questionable. When the Lord‘s favourite peacock and the Lady‘s favourite goose disappear, further quarrels and chaos are inevitable... THE PEACOCK based on the novel of the same title by Isabel Bogdan published in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

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