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The People I've Slept With

The People I've Slept With

Romantic Comedy | English, Korean | 84 minutes


Odin's Eye Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Quentin Lee


Quentin Lee


Koji Steven Sakai


Karin Anna Cheung, Archie Kao



"A slut is just a woman with the morals of a man" says Angela Yang, a modern woman enjoys one night stands and believes commitment is a dirty word. That is, until she finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy and she has no idea who her baby's daddy is. Could it be nice the but boring guy? Is it the Mystery Man? Surely not "Five second guy"?

With the help of her gay best friend (Wilson Cruz), snapshots of her bedroom conquests and some unique ideas for obtaining DNA samples, she embarks on a quest to identify the father but in the process discover so much more about life, love and family.

“Quentin Lee's fourth and best feature .... zips along nicely when its raunchier elements kick in. Appealing perfs by Karin Anna Cheung as the lady in question and Archie Kao ("CSI") as her latest conquest could help nudge the low-budgeter into minor theatrical play ahead of decent ancillary payoff” - VARIETY

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