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The Promise

The Promise

Alternate Titles:

Thriller | Danish | 86 minutes


REinvent International Sales

Cast & Crew


Fabian Wullenweber


Fabian Wullenweber, Kasper Graversen, Pia Ozada


Susanne Juhasz


Susanne Juhasz, Sigurd Dalgas, Lærke Winther, Johannes Lassen, Jesper Lohmann


Inspired by a true story, THE PROMISE is a claustrophobic, thrilling and intense story about Maja and the promise she has made to her now deceased sister: that she will take care of her 15-year-old nephew, Mathias. However, since his mother’s passing, Mathias has been unruly and in bad company and when Mathias is kidnapped by a ruthless gang that blackmails and threatens to kill him, Maja tries to save him in every possible way. But since she is stuck in her car hours away from their neighborhood, it is very difficult for her to help. As the events escalate to the extreme, Maja must overcome her inner fears and go the extra mile to try and save Mathias.

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