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The Road

The Road

Drama, True Story | Afghan, French, Hindi, Ukrainian | 90 minutes


Alba Film

Cast & Crew


Victoria Trofimenko (Ukraine), Sahra Karimi (Afghanistan), Dar Gai (India), Delphine Noels (Belgium)


Victoria Trofimenko (Ukraine), Dheer Momaya (India)



Four female filmmakers, real stories, different countries, different language the same issue - abuse.

Victoria Trofimenko(Ukraine) wrote the following scripts, full lengths: "Yakiv", "Downshifting", "Brothers. TheFinal Confession" (the best script at IFF Kinoshok), "Sex in the Soviet Union" - dir. Chad Gracia (USA). Project DOWNSHIFTING ( fundraising period) was selected for the "EKRAN +" program (Warsaw). The project on the Holodomor subject "YAKIV" was selected for the program "eQuinoxe Europe" vol.21 (Germany).

Delphine Noels (Belgium) Delphine’s debut feature full length film Postpartum was honored by numerous awards at festivals. Numbers of shorts. She specialized in actor coaching and teaches cinema acting at ESACT (superior school of acting, Belgium).She is developing her next full length film project.

Dar Gai (India) MA in Philosophy in film, Dar was invited to teach creative writing and film appreciation at 'Whistling Woods International' in Mumbai. Since then Dar has been writing and directing feature films, commercials, short films etc. in India. Her first feature full length "Teen Aur Aadha" is being co-produced and presented by noted Indian filmmaker Mr. Anurag Kashya. Dar's second feature film "Namdev Bhau" is premiering at a major International Film Festival.

Sahra Karimi (Afghanistan) PhD in the field of Cinema from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her film Afghan Women behind the Wheel, won around 20 awards at major film festivals, including Academy awards in Slovakia and the best documentary film award at the 13th Dhaka International Film Festival. In 2019, she became the first female chairperson of the government-owned Afghan Film. Her feature full length Hava, Maryam, Ayesha was premiered at the Venice Film Festival

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