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The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Drama, Romance | English | 90 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Cat Hostick


David LaFontaine, John Boylan



Living in a passionless marriage, and a man who doesn’t fight for himself Liam has been building up the courage to tell his wife Mia that he wants a divorce when she is suddenly diagnosed with a rare cancer with a few months to live if she doesn’t seek treatment. With the fear of unsuccessful treatment and rotting in a hospital, Mia ditches chemo and convinces Liam to quit his job and take a road trip together for the remainder of her life. They run away from Mia’s controlling, wealthy parents who chase them. During their trip, they unsuspectingly start turning their marriage around, having fun and falling in love all over again. Mia’s health takes a dramatic turn for the worse and she refuses to get medical help. Liam struggles as he wants Mia to go to the hospital to try and beat the cancer but Mia wants to stay on the road and have the honeymoon she felt she never had with him. And with the reality that the treatment may or may not work anyway. Liam isn’t sure how to handle the situation – balancing trying to make his wife happy but do the right thing

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