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The Rural boys and the Idol Girls

The Rural boys and the Idol Girls

Alternate Titles: Tai Ban X BNK48

Comedy | Thai | 105 minutes


Sahamongkolfilm International



Tai Ban X BNK48: From the heart of the girl. When the top girl Idol band in Thailand fear that their popularity is fading. The management decides to diversify into the new uncharted territory. However, the project must be kept a secret from the public and the Japanese Head office. The girls are sent a small village in the rural area to learn how to perform the Northeastern local dialect songs to win favors from the largest group of population in Thailand. Will they become the “fish out of water’ in the hot sunny ‘Isarn’ territory? Can they adapt to the lifestyle and earn the spirits of becoming the “Mor Lum” singers and performers. Meanwhile, can the local villagers cope with the new faces and all their urban habits? Can the J Pop idol survive the Isarn culture shock and emerge as the new music phenomenon?

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