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The Seventh Candle

The Seventh Candle

Drama, Erotic, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


The Nancy Boy Corporation

Cast & Crew


Marcus Nobreus


David Hemphill, Shawna Horns Pettigrew, Knajula Edwards


After being ghosted for a whole year by her estranged husband, Eva prepares to get vindicated when Isaac shows up with divorce papers. As a storm rages outside, Eva cooks dinner in the magnificent home they used to share, isolated on the rocky coast. Isaac arrives with divorce papers for her to sign and she serves him food spiked with curare, a paralyzing poison. Passions run high when Eva forces Isaac to confess to his lies as she almost kills him. They play a high stakes game with both of their lives in the balance. As the sun rises, they have found peace but Eva pays the ultimate price.

The premiere feature from writer/director Marcus Nobreus, this erotic thriller explores the last moments of a toxic relationship gasping for life. Highly recoupable, efficiently-budgeted and contained thriller.

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