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THE SLAVS - Season 1: 12x60

THE SLAVS - Season 1: 12x60

Action/Adventure |


VMI Worldwide


Before the unification of the Slavic people in 7th Century Russia, two neighbor tribes fight for power while hordes of Avar invaders threaten their very existence. In the village of Great Table a young healer and mystic by the name of Draha protects the inhabitants from the Avars with the help of Vlad, a mysterious stranger. Although hesitant at first, the villagers come to accept Draha’s vision and soon welcome Vlad as one of their own. But on the other side of the forest, in the rival settlement of Furnau, a warrior Prince by the name of Raduz struggles with his infertile wife Rada and soon embarks on a journey to meet Carad, a high priest of Great Table willing to perform a fertility miracle that will advance his political power.

While based on historically accurate tribal customs, rivalry and battles, The Slavs is a suspenseful Action-packed series that includes elements of fantasy, mysticism and sorcery.

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