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The Tenderness

The Tenderness

Alternate Titles: La Ternura

Comedy, Fantasy | Spanish | 105 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Vicente Villanueva


Emma Suárez, Gonzalo de Castro, Alexandra Jiménez, Fernando Guallar, Anna Moliner, Carlos Cuevas



Queen Esmeralda hates men because they have always conditioned her life taking away her freedom and she is not willing for her daughters to follow her fate, so they travel across the seas in search of a safe place free of men. The problem is that they choose a “desert” island where a lumberjack and his two sons have been living for twenty years hoping to never see a woman again. As soon as the Queen and the two princesses discover that they are not alone, and fearing for their lives, they dress up as men to protect themselves, a situation that gives way to all kinds of adventures, mix-ups and love affairs.

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