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The Unlock

The Unlock

Thriller | English | 91 minutes


Adler & Associates Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Simon Tate


Jamie Mollart, Simon Tate


Jamie Mollart, Simon Tate


Ciaran Dow Jones, Fabrizio Santino, Tina Barnes, Alice Handoll, Nisaro Karim, Carl Wharton



Waking up chained to the ceiling in a warehouse Stephen, an ex-soldier, is faced by his interrogators. They tell him he was involved in the kidnap of a Russian Diplomat by a group who will execute the Minister in 90 mins. But Stephen has amnesia and time is running out. Now his interrogators have been given permission to use any means necessary to unlock his mind.

The Unlock is the first of a kind. The actor playing the lead role Stephen has not seen a script and knows nothing about the story. Not even the genre of the film. He was isolated entirely from cast and crew until filming ended. Being completely in the dark every reaction is real. We call it Hyper Real film making and it has never been done before.

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