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Time Addicts

Time Addicts

Comedy, Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 92 minutes


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Cast & Crew


Sam Odlum


Alexandros Ouzas, Tessa Mansfield-Hung


Freya Tingley, Charles Grounds, Joshua Morton, Elise Jansen


Denise and Johnny, two drug-dependent best friends, have to approach Kane, a volatile drug dealer they owe for their last hit. In exchange for a top-up and clean books, they agree to a sketchy job breaking into a stash house occupied by a deranged fiend to steal back a mystery drug. Once inside, they realise the job isn’t quite what was pitched and discover that they’re trapped. With no way to get out and not one to miss an opportunity, Johnny smokes the mystery drug and travels into the past, triggering events in the future. Separated through time, Denise is left alone to confront her past, Kane’s real identity, and her very own existence.

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