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Toyz On Demand!

Toyz On Demand!

Animation, Black Comedy | English | 90 minutes


Shade 2 Sunshine



As the North Pole melts, Santa Claus sells out to the Internet giant, Toyz On Demand! Finally, it's his golden ticket to retirement!

Santa hits New York to promote the deal—ringing the stock exchange bell and doing publicity appearances—but his head elf, Jasper, gets busted in Washington Square with the magic powder that makes reindeer fly.

The news accidentally gets leaked to the Internet, and goes viral.

Jolly old Santa is suddenly Satan in red suit. Christmas is vilified; holiday spending tanks; the economy tailspins into mayhem. It's up the goverment to rescue the financial system by issuing Kid-E-Kredit, encouraging children to buy toys without parental permission using money they won't pay back until they're adults.

Santa desperately wants to retire, but discovers his deal with this greedy global corporation means Christmas must now be rolled out quarterly putting him on a promotional treadmill from hell.

With Jasper on the lam, the elves in revolt and his wife eloping with the captain of the Norwegian fishing vessel who rescues her from the sinking North Pole castle, Santa stands to lose everything he’s achieved.

When deep-pocketed rap music mogul emerges with a proposition, Santa faces a dilemma—can he save Christmas? And does he even want to?

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