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Us in 9 Months

Us in 9 Months

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | English | 100 minutes


Comedy Bar Films


Simon and Ethan desperately want to be parents, but when the adoption process proves to be too difficult and lengthy for their liking, the fathers-to-be enlist their best friends to help them start a family via an elaborate surrogacy plan. With Simon’s child-hating bestie agreeing to donate the egg and Ethan’s widowed sister-in-law (reluctantly) agreeing to carry the child the plan is in motion and once the pregnancy takes, arguments about everything from religion to money to meddling Grandmothers begin, testing the limits of the once unbreakable relationship.

US IN 9 MONTHS is a heartfelt, comedy/drama that captures the quick wit of JUNO, the awkward hilarity of THE BIG SICK, the complicated modern family of THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, and the contemporary romance of BROS. Us in 9 Months is an award-winning script based on leading LGBTQIIA+ playwright Dave Deveau’s real life surrogacy plan, resulting in a freshly modern twist on the rom-com genre.

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