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Musical | English | 133 minutes


Voltage Pictures

Cast & Crew


Timothy Scott Bogart


Tomothy Scott Bogart


Tomothy Scott Bogart


Rebel Wilson, Sir Derek Jacobi, Rupert Everett, Jamie Ward, Clara Rugaard


VERONA is a pop musical reimagining of the ORIGINAL YOUNG ADULT ROMANCE, "Romeo and Juliet". The film stars Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Jojo Rabbit, Senior Year), Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Shrek franchise), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter franchise, Mass, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris), Sir Derek Jacobi (Cinderella, Murder On The Orient Express, Henry V), with Clara Rugaard as Juliet (Love Gets A Room, Black Mirror, I Am Mother), and Jamie Ward as Romeo (His Dark Materials, Tyrant), written and directed by Timothy Scott Bogart (Spinning Gold).

Filmed on location in Verona, Italy, VERONA is the first film in a trilogy of pop musicals based around the real-life 1303 Italian couple that inspired Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Their story inspired a novella, which became the Arthur Brooke poem on which Shakespeare’s legendary work was based. Through these various iterations, key details of the star-crossed lovers were lost, meaning the truth behind the most famous love story of all time has never actually been told…until now.

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