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Vic the Viking - The Movie

AFM 2019 Screening Schedule

Laemmle Monica Film Center 2
Nov. 6 - 1:30 pm

Laemmle Monica Film Center 2
Nov. 8 - 1:30 pm

Vic the Viking - The Movie

Alternate Titles: Vic the Viking - The Magic Sword

Animation, Family | English | 78 minutes


Studio 100 Film

Cast & Crew


Eric Cazes


Katell France, Thorsten Wegener, Julien Papelier, Léon Perahia


Sophie Decroisette, Frederic Engel Lenoir, Eric Cazes, Oliver Huzly


Declan Miele-Howell, David Schaal, Tim McMullan



Vic dreams of going on an adventure with the Viking crew. But Halvar, his father thinks he is too frail to be part of such a dangerous journey. When Vic’s mother, Ylva, is accidentally turned into a golden statue by the magical sword of Loki, Halvar and his crew have no choice but to sail to the forges of Loki, beyond the end of the world, in order to destroy the sword and bring Ylva back to life. Reluctantly, Halvar takes Vic along on the drakkar. During this trip filled with surprises and dangers, Vic will not miss the occasion to prove his father he does have the stuff of a true Viking.

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