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We Left as Brothers

We Left as Brothers

Documentary | English | 73 minutes


Summer Hill Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Evan Mulgrave


Evan Mulgrave


Ben Wright, Stephen Foreman, Larry Woods



50 years after serving in the Vietnam War, six U.S. veterans return to the country for the first time to confront their experiences. For some of the men, the trip is not about simply seeing the places where they once served – It is about processing the trauma of their experiences and honoring those never made it home.

When they arrive in Hanoi, they find themselves in a country they no longer recognize, the scars of the war all but healed with the passage of time. Military prisons have become tourist attractions, the site of one of the war’s bloodiest sieges is now a coffee plantation, and The Vietnamese people who were once the men’s sworn enemy, now welcome them into their homes and ask them to pose for pictures. Vietnam is no longer a country ravaged by war, it is a country that is brimming with hope and resilience.

Our six veterans make their way throughout Vietnam, visiting the sites of some of their most harrowing experiences and building a bond between them that will last the rest of their lives. The men all arrive in Vietnam looking for different things but together they find something they did not count on – a sense of peace.

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