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Wine Thief

Wine Thief

Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romantic Comedy | English | 95 minutes


Tobin James Cellars

Cast & Crew


Lana Read


Tobin James, Terry Shumrick, Lana Read, Jessica Dunham


Brian Dobbins


Robert Rusler, Vernon Wells, Toni Romano, Houston Rhines



Freewheeling distiller Terry wrangles his brother, famous winemaker Tobin James into one of his poorly planned schemes; a show focused on wine, whiskey and food. Tobin is frustrated when Terry shows up with a film crew comprised of eccentric personalities armed with dubious abilities. Meanwhile, Sly Fox, Tobin’s biggest competitor for the coveted Golden World Wine Award is cleverly plotting to steal the prestigious award and break his multi year winning streak.

Starring fan favorite Robert Rusler and the legendary Vernon G Wells.

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