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Winter Island

Winter Island

Mystery, Thriller | English | 102 minutes


Princ Films

Cast & Crew


Tony Doupe


Elijah Carnazzo, Jason Adkins, Katie Prentiss, Charless Leggett



When young Abby Carter goes missing, her once cohesive, doting family begins to diverge. As they search with local authorities, her brother Galen already sees the bleak writing on the wall. It’s only a matter of days before police makes the gruesome discovery – her shallow grave on a small island a mile out from their lake-front property. Galen, desperate for answers while coming to terms with the trauma, begins experiencing visions of Abby. Against his devout father’s wishes, Galen searches for answers that point right back to the location of her grim death. Faced with an evil presence within his own family tree, Galen must decide whether to emotionally depart from his tragic circumstances or endure more suffering in his painful search for the truth held by the mystical island.

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