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Wolf. No Fear

Wolf. No Fear

Documentary | Ukrainian | 93 minutes


Eyewell AB

Cast & Crew


Anna Martynenko, Tetiana Kulakovska



An exclusive feature documentary about currently active fighters of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the legislative level, all information related to the SOF is a state secret, and the tasks performed are not subject to disclosure. All faces and voices are disguised; despite that, the sincerity of the Heroes captures at first sight.

Ukrainian fighters of SOF represent the profession of the global SOF family. They perform their missions in all terrain: in the sky, ground, water, and mountains. They perform orders as scouts behind enemy lines, finding enemy groups, counteracting them, performing counter-sniper actions, and neutralizing terrorists and hostage's release.

Screened multi-component operation «Wolf», in which the operators worked behind enemy lines in the territory temporarily occupied by the enemy. The film cries out that Ukrainians have already experienced such brutal aggression and genocide by Russians in the 20th and 21st centuries, the methods and ways in which the Russian occupiers tried to destroy the nation.

WOLF. NO FEAR is about patriotism, battle spirit and readiness to protect your home by all means.

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