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Wonder London

Wonder London

Action/Adventure, Childrens, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Urban | English | 90 minutes


Digital Media Studios

Cast & Crew


Vivica A. Fox, Taryn Manning, Tichina Arnold




Young actress and author London Boyce, from the recent film Antebellum, will star in her first feature film WONDER LONDON, in which she plays a tiny fourth grader who’s bullied. Parents Terri and Craig Wilson are at odds on what to do to help London deal with the neighborhood bully. After the parents’ wild attempts to solve London’s dilemma goes wrong, things get worse when an ancient witch in the neighborhood finds out how special London really is.


On the last day of school Tika (the class bully) teases London about her hair and further perpetuates one of her biggest insecurities. London’s parents find out about the bullying and they both devise separate plans to instill confidence in London. In their quest to make things better an accident occurred that changed everything & causes London to gain superhero powers.

Amidst this amazing new discovery of her super-hero powers, London and her friends are seized by an evil witch, who wishes to consume their youth, in a quest to sustain her power. London battles the witch and is overwhelmed and defeated. She narrowly escapes, and is forced to leave her friends behind. The young superhero has to confront her doubt in order to save her friends… and she only has one night to do it.

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