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Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

Alternate Titles: El espia de las mil caras, El hombre de las mil caras

Suspense | Spanish | 122 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Alberto Rodriguez


Francisco Ramos, Mercedes Gamero, Jose Antonio Felez, Gervasio Iglesias


Rafael Cobos, Alberto Rodriguez


Eduard Fernandez, Jose Coronado, Mikel Lejarza, Marta Etura, Carlos Santos


Francisco Paesa - ex-secret agent for the Spanish government and the man responsible for the most important operation against the Basque te- rrorist group ETA - is framed by his own government and forced to leave the country. When he is finally able to return to Spain, he is broke and his personal life is falling apart. It is then he receives a visit from Luis Roldan, the powerful former Commissioner of Police who offers him one million dollars to help him safeguard twelve million dollars that were embezzled from the budget he used to control. Paesa's acute mind will plan revenge in order to seize Roldan's money, fooling an entire country in a brilliant and intricate operation worthy of the best illusionist.

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