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The Trigonal: Fight for Justice

The Trigonal: Fight for Justice

Action/Adventure, Martial Arts | English | 98 minutes


MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Cast & Crew


Vincent Soberano


Vincent Soberano


Vincent Soberano


Ian Ignacio, Rhian Ramos, Sarah Chang


MMA champion, Jacob Casa, is torn between his utter love for fighting competition and his pregnant wife. He promises her that he would retire from the fighting circuit and settle down with the family in the idyllic island hometown. 

Unfortunately, while Jacob is trying to stay away from trouble, trouble comes at his door step. An international crime syndicate runs a vicious underground fighting circuit called The Trigonal, is looking for the strongest and the best fighters for a high-end, ground-breaking experimental drug-induced competition worth millions of dollars. And there can be only one winner/survivor. To force Jacob to come back to the circuit, they brutally assaulted his wife and murdered his best friend. Leaving him with no other choice, Jacob infiltrates The Trigonal to fight for justice.

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