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Documentary | English | 118 minutes


Altitude Film Sales



Dan Lyndsay, T.J. Martin


Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn


In the fall of 1981, Tina Turner sat for an interview with the music editor of People Magazine. Five years earlier, she had divorced Ike Turner, her husband and musical partner for 16 years, and almost no one knew why. The story she would tell was a harrowing account of the abuse and torture she had lived through and the literal escape she made one night after years of trauma. The article would be the first of many profiles that would cement Tina’s image as a heroine. Her personal narrative, along with her undeniable talent, would go on to fuel one of the most improbable comebacks in music history. As her fame grew, so did her identity as a cultural symbol. Tina projected strength and resilience to her millions of fans around the world and yet, concealed behind this public face, was a woman still struggling to be released from the past.

Tina is an intimate and revealing look at Tina Turner’s improbable journey through life and how her story of survival impacted both the public and herself. Incorporating a wealth of never-before-seen footage and what is likely Tina Turner’s last extensive interview, this feature documentary recounts a story you only thought you knew.